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In the green coffee beans hide all precious flavors to create a perfect miracle drink. But how, how to reveal such precious potential through the processing process is a huge challenge, even too great for many coffee processing units in the country. s-shaped.
Fortunately there are also people who have mastered coffee processing techniques and have begun to appear a number of pure coffee products on the market.
With The ROYALcoffee, here will enjoy the elegant, quintessential taste that nature has bestowed on pure coffee beans from the mountains of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
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Coffee story

Coffee story The ROYALcoffee offers pure coffee flavor, 100% from selected coffee beans from the best sources A delicious cup of coffee in addition to carefully selected ingredients, the experience and skills of the producer are also an important mark. ROYALcoffee is a new coffee brand in the market, but it is created by veterans who have devoted their whole life to coffee production, that is Mr. Bui Xuan Thoa – former General Director of Vinacafe Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company. and my friends. Once considered as the “soul” of Vinacafe, even though he retired, Mr. Thoa still could not quit his coffee making career and became a Technical Advisor for ROYALcoffee since then, as an opportunity to create high-end coffee brand, clean coffee, right quality coffee of Mr. Bui XuanThoa !

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