About Us

The Royal Coffee


The rich cup of coffee has become a familiar part of our daily life. Vietnamese people drink coffee in the early morning, at noon, at night, drink when sad, when thinking, when stressed, when happy, when need to share, when at work, or drink because habit cannot be removed … etc. Coffee becomes a very unique and very special culture of the Vietnamese people.
Grasping that culture, along with the boldness to try different experiences of coffee, THE ROYAL was born with enthusiastic people and many years of experience in the coffee industry. With the criterion of bringing “delicious & clean” coffee, in combination with “NUCLEAR RECIPE”, THE ROYAL has provided consumers with the most unique and quality products with the most convenient, convenient and intact the taste of Vietnamese coffee.
THE ROYAL always tries and endeavors to ensure the maximum aroma and flavor of coffee in each product. Through that, THE ROYAL wants to create a brand of sustainable coffee and not sacrifice their original quality.
In order for products to achieve quality according to set standards and requirements, it is THE ROYAL’s continuous effort in product development. THE ROYAL products are always full of factors such as:
Do not use harmful chemicals, Fillers, artificial flavors, artificial flavors
The processing process is completely clean, safe and hygienic
Retains the original taste of coffee
Ensure safety for the health of consumers.
With the above factors, THE ROYAL is committed to confidently commit to quality and dedication to each product. At the same time, this is also a way to bring the best taste to true coffee connoisseurs from Vietnamese coffee beans.

Royal Coffee gives coffee lovers a variety of varieties, enriching Vietnamese coffee culture.